Walking In Circles @ 9pm at The Galaxy Restaurant in Wadsworth, Ohio near Akron

Walking In Circles @ 9pm - Saturday, August 10, 9:00 PM

Classic and Southern Rock is in our souls, as we bring to the stage a great mix of covers and originals heavily influenced in 70's Southern Rock, 80's Hair Bands, and originals that are a great blend of both, giving them a "Fresh Take on an Old Sound"! 
Walking In Circles formed in 2012, when the oldest member was only 16 and the youngest, 14. While extremely young, WIC is in it's 5th year as an extremely talented and entertaining Band in the Music Scene. 

WIC live shows are fun to attend; the lead singer, Blake Brouse, is always engaging the crowd, making sure that the audience is always part of the show as well. Bassist Allison Wolf's beautiful vocals adds to the mix as she does backups and takes over as lead vocalist on several songs. 

The Showstopper would be Jake Gray on lead Guitar, who’s influence of George Lynch, Nuno Bettancourt, Eddie Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen on several originals, is unmistakable, and Jake never fails to astonish the audience with the maturity of his playing compared to his age, especially maneuvering through the solo "Fiddle" sections of the crowd favorite cover of Charlie Daniel’s Band’s “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”!

Rhythm Guitarist, Shane Kirvel is also taking up lead guitar solo’s on several songs as well, making Walking In Circles a one-two punch in the Guitar battery for songs! Between Jake's guitar prowess, Blake's showmanship and Allison's beautiful vocals, along with the obvious talent of the other band members, WIC is the total package.




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