Special Events

Join us for one of our upcoming events! Click on an event for all details and you can easily make reservations online or give us a call.

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Sunday, June 1610:00 AMFathers Day Brunch 10AM to 2PM
Wednesday, June 197:00 PMNomad SOUL @ 7pm
Friday, June 219:00 PMThe Agenda Band @ 9pm
Wednesday, June 267:00 PMWalking In Circles @ 7pm
Thursday, June 277:00 PMJacob and the Good People @ 7pm
Friday, June 289:00 PMThe Yearbook Band @ 9pm
Saturday, June 299:00 PMWADSWORTH's OWN ~ VoW @ 9pm
Wednesday, July 037:00 PMTripper @ 7pm
Friday, July 059:00 PMThe Swizzle Sticks @ 9 pm
Wednesday, July 107:00 PMMuddy River Project @ 7pm
Friday, July 126:00 PMOut of Eden Eagles Tribute Band Dinner Show
Friday, July 129:00 PMSMP @ 9pm
Wednesday, July 177:00 PMDelta Son @ 7pm
Friday, July 199:00 PMThe Sean Chambers Band @ 9pm
Wednesday, July 247:00 PMThe Juke Hounds @ 7pm
Friday, July 266:00 PMChad Chesmark's Comedy Magic Show Dinner
Friday, July 269:00 PMColin Dussault's Blues Project @ 9pm
Wednesday, July 317:00 PMVibrogroove @ 7pm
Friday, August 029:00 PMThe Scenic Route @ 9pm
Wednesday, August 077:00 PMThe Colin John Band @ 7pm
Friday, August 099:00 PMEvil Ways (The Premiere Santana Tribute Band) @ 9pm
Saturday, August 109:00 PMWalking In Circles @ 9pm
Saturday, August 1012:00 PM20th Annual Galaxy Golf Outing
Friday, August 169:00 PMThe Agenda Band @ 9pm
Wednesday, August 217:00 PMRubix Cubed @ 7pm
Friday, August 239:00 PMJessica Hannan @ 9pm
Wednesday, August 287:00 PMHighway 61 Band @ 7pm
Friday, August 309:00 PMSomasonic @ 9pm
Wednesday, September 047:00 PMThe Swizzle Sticks @ 7 pm
Wednesday, September 257:00 PMLittle Steveo's Blues Duo @ 7pm