VoW @ 9pm at The Galaxy Restaurant in Wadsworth, Ohio near Akron

VoW @ 9pm - Saturday, June 29, 9:00 PM

VoW evolved from the ashes of the hometown hero, high-school heavy metal band known as NATAS. Four of the five original members decided to reunite after thirty years of miscellaneous mayhem and madness in many other bands for a one time only gig. Original bassist Chris McCrork was unable reprise his role on bass so they added their classmate Doug "Kweezy" Cullen to handle the role. 

The gig went so well they decided to continue on as a new band. Original drummer Tony Latina had to fly back home to Vegas, so they added Denny's son, Bill Scheimann on the drums. After a couple of gigs as Vow, Doug had to exit due to work obligations. Without missing a beat, another Wadsworth native and veteran of the scene Troy Poder joined as the new bassman. They now continue to keep true to their old-school metal roots and write original music with all the added influences the two new members and the sands of time can bring. 

So with the revamped rhythm section, two big things remains consistent; Jeff Curry can still really howl on vocals and the twin attack of Denny Turner and Jeff Corp on guitars shreds more than ever.


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