Party on the Patio with Electric Mud @ 7pm at The Galaxy Restaurant in Wadsworth, Ohio near Akron

Party on the Patio with Electric Mud @ 7pm - Wednesday, June 28, 7:00 PM

We are a three piece roadhouse rock band. Smalls and Gus are the foundation with a host of great drummers that we rotated over the years. This last year has see...n the addition of Ryan Bair who has picked up the drummer slot full time. The band was founded by Gus in 1997 and has been in this format since 2005 when Smalls came onboard. We do all types of shows from National openers, festivals, biker events,etc. I guess its have van for band and will travel for cash. We have a great group of fans all over the globe. We have a CD titled "Bad Gamble" which if you go to our home web site you can click and purchase from the front page. The CD has made it to every continent on Earth. I hope we as a band can do the same in the near future.
We have created this page as a place for our fans to be updated on shows, and to meet each other, even if not in person. Always support Live Music.

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