Special Events

Join us for one of our upcoming events! Click on an event for all details and you can easily make reservations online or give us a call.

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Friday, July 209:00 PMColin Dussault's Blues Project @ 9pm
Wednesday, July 257:00 PMLittle Steveo's Blues Duo @ 7pm
Friday, July 279:00 PMSkinny Moo @ 9pm
Saturday, July 287:00 PMRio Bravo Band @ 7pm
Wednesday, August 017:00 PM**New to The Galaxy!** Nomad SOUL @ 7pm
Friday, August 039:00 PM**New to The Galaxy!!** Wreck'n @ 9pm
Saturday, August 046:00 PMJersey Beat Band - Four Seasons Tribute Dinner Show
Wednesday, August 087:00 PMThe Juke Hounds @ 7pm
Friday, August 109:00 PMJessica Hannan @ 9pm
Saturday, August 111:30 PM19th Annual Galaxy Golf Outing
Saturday, August 119:00 PMSkinny Moo @ 9pm
Wednesday, August 157:00 PMJeff Poulos Blues Revue @ 7pm
Friday, August 179:00 PMWalking In Circles @ 9pm
Wednesday, August 227:00 PMThe Colin John Band @ 7pm
Friday, August 249:00 PMColin Dussault's Blues Project @ 9pm
Wednesday, August 297:00 PMThe Swizzle Sticks @ 7pm
Friday, August 319:00 PMThe Yearbook Band @ 9pm
Saturday, September 019:00 PMLive music with Somasonic 9PM
Monday, September 03All DayHappy Labor Day - Sorry we are closed for the holiday
Wednesday, September 057:00 PMLittle Steveo's Blues Duo @ 7pm
Friday, September 079:00 PMThe Juke Hounds @ 9pm
Sunday, September 093:00 PMGalaxy Car show with Delta Son
Wednesday, September 127:00 PMMuddy River Project @ 7pm
Friday, September 149:00 PMThe Agenda Band @ 9pm
Wednesday, September 197:00 PMTripper @ 7pm
Friday, September 219:00 PMJustJazzLive Ensemble @ 9pm
Saturday, September 229:00 PMThe Scenic Route @ 9pm
Wednesday, September 267:00 PMEvil Ways (The Premiere Santana Tribute Band) @ pm
Friday, September 289:00 PMSpicy Rhyme @ 9pm
Friday, October 059:00 PMThe Travelin Johnsons @ 9pm
Friday, October 129:00 PM**New to The Galaxy!** Cat House Blues Trio @ 9pm
Friday, October 199:00 PMClapton Tribute Unplugged @ 9pm
Friday, October 268:30 PMJustJazzLive Duo @ 830pm
Friday, November 029:00 PMColin Dussault's Blues Project @ 9pm
Friday, November 099:00 PMThe Colin John Band @ 9pm
Friday, November 169:00 PMSpicy Rhyme @ 9pm
Friday, November 239:00 PMLittle Steveo's Blues Duo @ 9pm
Friday, November 309:00 PMThe Jeff Poulos Trio @ 9pm
Friday, December 079:00 PMClapton Tribute Unplugged @ 9pm
Friday, December 149:00 PMThe Travelin Johnsons @ 9pm
Saturday, December 158:30 PMJustJazzLive Duo @ 830pm
Friday, December 219:00 PMSMP Acoustin @ 9pm
Friday, December 289:00 PMColin Dussault's Blues Project @ 9pm