J.J. Vicars and the Desiatos @ 9pm - Friday, June 16, 9:00 PM

Hard Driving Blues, Boogie, & Rock 'n' Roll.

Six strings, five CDs, three countries, two continents, but only one Reverend J.J. Vicars - an ordained minister in the Church of the Latter Day Dude, and one r...ed-hot rockin' guitarist and vocalist.

From the USA, across the Pacific to Japan and China, and back again, Double J's Blues, Roots, and Rock guitar playing has thrilled live audiences, getting him numerous spots on radio stations around the world, and rave print reviews. His five CDs, showcase his musicianship and technique. He is also in demand as a producer for other artists who recognize the unique Double-J touch that he brings to music.

He's now back in the USA, working on his next two albums, and coming soon to a venue near you to rock your socks off. His all-out, take-no-prisoners show will leave you wanting more.

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