Party on the Patio with Dean James and the Treatment @ 7pm at The Galaxy Restaurant in Wadsworth, Ohio near Akron

Party on the Patio with Dean James and the Treatment @ 7pm - Wednesday, June 14, 7:00 PM

$2.00 Corona Light drafts!!!  Rubber Ducks and Indians ticket giveaways!!!  

Music should do more than captivate our senses. It should speak volumes to us from the first time we hear a song. “I want every one of my listeners to be able... to hear my lyrics and think to themselves at some point, “this describes my life perfectly!” Because that’s what so many of us truly want from music- we want it to move us from within because it puts a rhythm to the situations of our lives. We want to know that we aren’t the only ones feeling a certain way, whether it’s good or bad. ”

Upcoming artist Dean James is no stranger to the power of music. It only takes listening to one of his songs from his new album “Bus Fare to Anywhere” to understand that music can do more than make our hands clap and feet tap- it can unite us through emotion. And that’s exactly the message Dean wants to portray through his work. With hundreds of CD’s already sold in the short time since his album’s release, his songs have done just that for countless numbers of fans.

Dean James, 25, grew up an old soul in the small town of Canton, Ohio. From the time he began walking, he could be found with his father’s old guitar in hand. As he grew, his family and friends could not deny the talent that flowed out of every strum of his guitar. But it wasn’t until he began singing that everyone around him knew that this small-town boy was destined to be something greater; a musician with the power to captivate any audience around him- from backyard parties to sold out venues

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